About us

18 Haziran 2016

We founded in order to develop new technologies in 2012 at Yildiz Technical University Technopark. Since the first day, we invent, design, manufacture, build software, build electronics, give consultancy and export technology. Our philosophy is “Nothing is impossible if someone really wants it” which is the same with the philosophy of our founder and CEO Assoc. Prof. Utku Buyuksahin, Ph.D., who did his first CNC milling machine (1,5 x 1,5 x 2 m) at the corridor of his home in the year 2005. He had to defend his philosophy against to the people who were thinking “No one can build a CNC alone”. He did all mechanical designs, manufacturing, electronic designs and applications, and finally the software developments of the CNC. We still use the same CNC milling machine in our manufacturing processes where we need high accuracy and speed machining.


In addition to our R&D department in YTU Technopark, in the year 2013 we formed our office, production department and machinery park (including CNC milling machine, manual lathe, manual milling machine, etc.) which is located in Tuzla/Istanbul. The full equipment lists of our R&D, Test and Production Departments are given in following parts of this page.


In the year 2013, HTMSS LTD. and Inventram A.S. (Technology Investment Company of KOC Group) signed a Technology Commercialisation Agreement for the project named High Sensitive Tactile Sensing Module For Robots And Devices.

In the year 2014, HTMSS LTD. is supported by TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) with the project TUBITAK1512-2130185, High Sensitive Tactile Sensing Module For Robots And Devices.

The project named “High Sensitive Tactile Sensing Module For Robots And Devices” has been patented internationally including USA (US9030653B1) and Japan (JP5785670B2), the two countries with highly prestigious patent systems. It has been named one of the “Top 10 Projects in Turkey with the Highest Investment Potential” in 2013 by the “Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology” and METUTECH-BAN (Middle East Technical University Business Angels Network). In 2014, it took the 2nd place among 225 entrants to the “My First Job is Entrepreneurship Project Competition”. The project has also been recognized by YTU Technopark with “Star of Innovation” award in 2015. It has been featured widely in many prestigious scientific journals, TV news, and newspaper articles, and has been presented successfully as invited talks at many American, European and Asian conferences. For more detailed information about TV & Press participations please follow this link.

The project has been supported by; (Full list) Yildiz Technical University Rectorial, Yildiz Technical University Technopark A.S., Yildiz Technical University Scientific Research Council, Inventram A.S. (Technology Investment Company of KOC Group) and TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey)

Our consultancy, technologies and products are used in the industry and the universities, successfully. Some of our references are given in the following parts of this page.

HTMSS LTD. won many national scale prizes for its own technologies in 2013, 2014 and 2015 in Turkey. The prizes list is given in following parts.






  • Selected as “One of the Top 10 Projects in Turkey with the Highest Investment Potential” by Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology of Turkey. (2013)
  • My first Job is Entrepreneurship Project Contest 2nd Prize  (Among nationwide 225 projects) (2014)
  • Star of the Innovation Prize – YTU Technopark 2015
  • Appreciation Plaque –Turkish War Colleges (Lieutenant General Raif AKBAŞ (Commander of T.W.C.))
  • Appreciation Plaque – Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology (Nihat ERGÜN (Minister))
  • Appreciation Plaque –Yildiz Technical University Rectorate (Prof. İsmail Yüksek, Ph.D.  (Rector of Y.T.U.))
  • Appreciation Plaque – Turkish Military Academy (Major General Yılmaz UYAR (Commander of T.M.A.))
  • Appreciation Plaque –Yildiz Technical University Starred Projects Contest 2013 (Prof. Tamer YILMAZ, Ph.D.  (Vice Rector of Y.T.U.)
  • Innovator of the Month – Gazetto Magazine (2013)
  • Appreciation Plaque –Yildiz Technical University Starred Projects Contest 2014 (Prof. Haluk GÖRGÜN, Ph.D.  (Vice Rector of Y.T.U.)
  • Appreciation Plaque – Gebze Technical University IEEE Week 2015 (Kübra Tutkun (Chair of GTU IEEE EMBS))


Production Department Machinery and Equipment List

  • CNC Milling Machine – 3 Axes, 1320×560 mm table dimensions, 720x400x350 mm working capacity
  • Manual Milling Machine – Universal Moulding Milling Machine, No.4, 1350×300 mm table dimensions, 3 axes digital rulers, 3 axes  automatic movement with gearbox
  • Manual Lathe – Diameter 360 mm, Length 1000 mm working capacity, high precision
  • Upright Drill – 1.5 Hp, Full size, with 2 axes support
  • Manual Bending Equipment (Caka) – 1260×2 mm bending capacity
  • Welding Machine – With Inverter
  • Dyeing Machine – with own compressor, professional dyeing machine
  • Circular Saw Machine – For cutting wood and same kind material
  • Circular Saw Machine – For cutting metal
  • Grinding Machine – Double capacity
  • Compressor – 10 Bar, 50 lt, 2 HP, double exits
  • Handheld Grinding Machines – In many sizes
  • Clamps – In many sizes , many kind (high precision, for cylindrical parts etc.)
  • Various Sorts of hand tools, cutting tools, fixtures
  • Hydraulic Crane – 3 legs and wheels, in capacity of 2 Tons
  • Crane – Motorised, in capacity of 1 Ton
  • Transpalet – in capacity of 2 Tons
  • Various Sorts of hauling tools – wheeled, in different capacities
  • etc.


R&D and Test Department Equipment List

  • 3D Scanner – 0.06 mm accuracy
  • Oscillator – 1 Gs/s, 8″ TFT LCD, Real-time computer connection
  • Motion Control Cards 1 – USB connection, 4 axes sets
  • Motion Control Cards 2 – PCI connection 2 different brands’ 4 axes sets
  • Motion Control Cards 3 – PCI connection, 8 axes sets
  • Image Capture Cards – 16 channels, professional series
  • Encoder Input Card – PCI connection 4 encoder inputs
  • DIO Cards – 8, 32 ,64 input/outputs various sorts of cards
  • Servo Motors – Various brands’ various power series driver and motor sets
  • Step Motors –Various brands’ various torque series driver and motor sets
  • Various Sorts of Motors – AC and DC various power series motors
  • Inverters – Various power series AC inverters
  • Planetary Gearboxes –brands’ various torque series
  • DAQ Cards 1 – USB connection, 100 Kbt/s, 13 Bit resolution, 16 Analogue inputs
  • DAQ Cards 2 – PCI connection, 500 Kbt/s, 16 Bit resolution, 32 Analogue inputs, 4 Analogue outputs, 8 DIO
  • PLC sets
  • PIC programming and experiment sets
  • ARM processor programming and experiment sets
  • Embedded Computers – 17×17 cm dimensions embedded processors computers
  • Cameras 1 – Night Vision, various resolutions
  • Cameras 2 – USB connection, various resolutions
  • Various camera lenses – Fixed, manual or automatic
  • Various measurement equipments
  • etc.


Some of Our References (In alphabetical order)

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